Why Inspect


When and why does your Racking & Shelving need to be inspected?​​

When was the last time you had your warehouse and storage racks independently inspected
for integrity? and safety?

Would any of your supervisors or Department Managers respond,
"What do I mean "independent" inspections?

Or -- of greater concern -- would they scratch their heads and ask,
"What do you mean, rack INSPECTION?"

It is especially important to have TRAINED, COMPETENT and CONCERNED rack safety personnel when
there is a high degree of activity in the warehouse, where there is the greatest risk of rack damage due to mechanical materials handling equipment.

When a rack has been struck by a forklift, one of the first priorities should be to identify any unsafe
components to reduce the dangers of collapse.

The potential hidden costs of a rack collapse:

Replacing materials and damaged goods

Use of temporary storage facilities

General disruption

Workers' compensation, general liability and other insurance rate hikes following the loss and the
Legal expenses from 
defending actions resulting from an accident

Potential HSE fines relating to violations of statutory safety requirements.

Racking design and Materials Handling Equipment

Racking for products on pallets should be designed specifically for the size,
shape and weight of the products being stored.

The racking designs should be compatible with the pallets and the materials
handling equipment in use within the workplace.
Aisle width should be matched to the turning circle of the forklift or other materials
handling equipment used to put away, replenish or pick.

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