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SEMA Approved Rack & Shelving Safety Inspections
CMD Inspection Services Ltd is aware that Health and Safety is now uppermost in all companies minds and therefore
we now offer a more formal inspection service in line with the following industry standards.

The legislation and guidance covering the need for carrying out rack inspections is contained
in section 2 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASWA) which requires the employer to maintain
a safe place of work with safe equipment provided for employees to work with.

Audits and inspections are one way to ensure compliance with this provision.

The Management of Health and Safety Work Regulations 1992 introduced the requirement
for risk assessment for all work activities, one of the risks to warehouse operators is collapse of loads or racking,
hence inspections are a preventative measure to control that risk.

Guidance from the HSE is given in Health and Safety in Retail and Wholesale Warehouses HS (G) 76
which details rack inspections under the maintenance of storage equipment, it also refers to
the Storage Equipment Manufactures’ Association (SEMA) guide to the use of pallet racking which gives the
damage limits after which the components should be changed.

Each inspection is carried out to SEMA standards and involves a general visual inspection of
the installation from ground level only.

The following specific points are particularly looked for: –

Correct location of beams, including location of beam locks in uprights.

Excessive deflection of beams, due to current or past overloading.

Signs of damage to the installation due to impact by handling or other equipment.

Incorrect loading and positioning of pallets within pallet locations.

Use of inappropriate or damaged pallets.

Incorrect loading and positioning of pallets.

Incorrect use of accessories supplied with racking.

Missing or loose fixing down bolts.

A written report together with a layout drawing making any appropriate recommendations
will be sent to you following each inspection, however, if an unsatisfactory situation,
which we consider dangerous, due to misuse or damage, is observed during an inspection,
it will be pointed out to you or your representative on site.

We are 100% independent and do not supply any racking or shelving products, our recommendations and reports are based on manufacturers guidelines and the latest / up-to-date recommendations by the HSE & SEMA
You will always get a totally unbiased / factual report on the condition of your racking and shelving with no conflict of interest in selling you repairs / parts or new racking.

A sample inspection report is available on request.